Optimizing your Facebook page will help you to attract more users to your chatbot. In this guide we will show you how to setup your Facebook page to maximize your engagement.

Setting up your Call-to-Action Button

Your Facebook Page offers a Call-to-Action button, that when setup correctly will prompt visitors to send a message to your Chatbot.

Edit your Call-to-Action button

Open your Facebook page, to the right, just below the header image, you will see your CTA button. Clicking the Edit Button will open modal window.

Select the Contact you > Send Message

Next and Save will have your call to action set. You can hover the button and select Test Button to ensure that it opens Facebook Messenger

Messaging Settings

Set up how people can message your Page

There are a few settings that we need to confirm are set correctly or they could interfere with your Convos Chatbot.

Prompt visitors to send messages

Turning on the Prompt visitors to send messages will tell Facebook that you want to receive messages in Messenger and it will show your page visitors that you are active in Messenger, prompting them to engage.

Response Assistant must be turned off

Facebook offers an internal Response Assistant to respond to people that message you. Having this turned on will interfere with your Convos Chatbot and will create a poor user experience. Make sure this is set to OFF.

Messenger Platform

Facebook Messenger Platform

Optimizing your page for the Messenger platform will tell Facebook you want people to engage with your Page via Facebook Messenger.

Response Method

Convos allows you to Pause the Chatbot when at any point in time. Because we leverage automated responses and humans, we will set the Response Method to Responses are partially automated, with some support by people.

Select Primary Receiver

Facebook has the default Page Inbox app, but you should also see your ManyChat app in the Subscribed Apps. To ensure that ManyChat receives messages in the proper order we will set ManyChat to the Primary Receiver.

Other Facebook Apps

If you have other Apps listed and are concerned that they may interfere with your Convos Chatbot send us a message in the web chat or at help@sparkconvos.com

Whitelisting Your Domain

The convos Webviews load at https://convosai.com – so be sure to at that to your whitelisted domains

To ensure all growth tools work on your websites, you will want to add your primary Website domain and any other domain you may be using.

If you are having trouble with any of the Facebook Growth Tools, it might be caused by not having the domain Whitelisted.

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