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Real Estate Seller Leads

Connect with homeowners

convos can give your prospects what they want, an instant home valuation all while adding them to your crm. Keep in front of them by offering a monthly update via Facebook Messenger

No more "address only" leads, with convos you have an instant line of communication with the homeowner.

Provide the homeowner with the information they are looking for instantly

Stay top of mind by providing monthly home value updates to the home owners

Bot to Human handoff enables you to pause the bot activity and chat with the home owner right in Messenge

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Buyer Lead Generation

Connect with you home buyers

convos can help you qualify home buyers through a simple process. Build profiles on your buyers and alert your lender partners when you need to get a buyer approved for a loan.

No more leads with wrong number and email, with convos you have an instant line of communication with the home buyer

Compile a list of the "best deals" in your service area and entice home buyers & investors by offering instant access

Create buyer profiles that you can setup on home search updates via the MLS or your IDX enabled website

Send updates to home buyers directly into their personal Facebook Messenger

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Engage your database

Your current database is a goldmine, so engage them on new communication channels. Send Facebook Message Requests to your leads from all sources - Zillow,, open houses...

With Customer Match, you can out to your database and see if they are on Facebook Messenger

convos & Facebook will attempt to find a Matching Profile. If a match is found, the user will receive a Message Request

The user will be able to quickly engage with your convos chatbot in response the Message Request

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